Most of the photos on this page were made by ourselves or received from project developer TCR. During the construction I also had a simple website with a kind of diary. A number of Dutch and Belgian co-owners followed this and sent me their photos and stories so that we could keep each other informed. Thanks to them I can now also show a good overview of the construction

April 2006

The piece of land has a considerable height difference. This creates a lower and a higher part, each with an apartment tower. The first photos you see the start of the C Block that is being built in the lower part

The floor plan of the apartments as shown in the TCR brochure from 2006.
During the construction some adjustments were made and some sizes have also changed a bit.

B Block

A Block

C Block

Once the foundation is in placed, the  building and pouring of the floors
goes very quickly 

And soon after that the masons
lay the bricks of the outer wall

November - December 2006

Access to large balconn
Window by kitchen
Bedroom with balcony
Balcony by bedroom

March - April 2007

May - August 2007

The outer walls are given a layer of plaster and the window frames are placed

October - December 2007

Floor tiles are layed . On this pictures you see an apartment at the A block.
This is an outside apartment of the block the apartments at the inside are arranged differently.

Landscaping of the garden
and swimming pools is started

Painting of the exterior of the outside of the complex has started

January 2008

People work very hard both inside and outside. The slide doors are placed, walls of the apartments have now been painted and the lighting has been installed

Picture taken from Pradise Hill Resort

Februari 2008

The project is almost ready.

End of March first owners will arrive.

The result upon completion in March / April 2008

The lower part with childrens playground and small pool with slide

Entrance of parking
Parking under tennis court

Higher part with big pool and parking. Here you will find also the entrance to the indoor facilities

Stairs to the floors
Elevator and front door of the apartments
Sauna & Steam cabin
Fitness Area

Indoor Pool only
open during winter season


In 2018, the patio furniture was partially replaced and supplemented and new cushions were purchased

In 2012, a glass wall was placed in the large space, creating a separate indoor swimming area and a decent meeting space where the table tennis table can be placed. This makes it easier to control the moisture balance and less chlorine vapor in the hallway

In both pools, the underwater lighting has been replaced by LED light. 

All outdoor lighting in the park and in the public areas has also been replaced by LED light